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What is www.artandartists.com?

The www.artandartists.com website exists to aid artists to sell their work more successfully. Collectors deal directly with the artist. No commission is charged by www.artandartists.com on sales of original artwork exhibited.

Originally conceived as a help mechanism for promoting the work of artists based outside Paris, interest from artists in England and other countries resulted in the site evolving into a multilingual, international platform for the exhibition and promotion of work by professional artists.

Artists from Belgium, Brazil, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Ukraine, United States and Wales currently exhibit comtemporary art on the site.

Who visits the site?

Contemporary artists, contemporary painters and art lovers worldwide (from 100+ countries) visit the site each month. We also receive many hits from educational institutions scattered throughout the world. In total the site receives over 500,000 hits per annum.

Giclee print service

We know that the cost of making prints has deterred many artists from producing prints of their work. Our high quality giclee printing service at ultra competitive prices now offers artists a new opportunity to enter this market with minimum financial commitment.

Artists can now source 10 A3+ sized professional quality prints of their work for £85.00 including setup fees. Subsequent call offs are even more economical.

The world of affordable limited edition prints beckons. Please contact us for further details.

How would joining benefit me?

  • Joining the www.artandartists.com site gives you a presence on an internet site receiving tens of thousands of hits each month

  • No need to design your own site and to arrange having it hosted on an internet server

  • www.artandartists.com is indexed on English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish language search engines

  • Gallery owners can rapidly view the work of many artists on one site and have offered exhibitions to artists seen on the site

  • How can I exhibit my work on the site?

    Artists who have already gone to the expense of commissioning their own website may join for free on condition that they provide a link to www.artandartists.com. There is an annual fee of £25.00 / 40 euros for exhibiting on the site for artists who do not already have their own website.

    If you would like to exhibit your work on the site, email admin@artandartists.com and attach some examples of your work as image files (in .JPG format preferably) or send some photos of your work with a SAE for their return to:

    Oslo House
    Heathside Road
    GU22 7HE