Stephen Warnes - Cumbria
I was born and lived until I was 18 in North East Lancashire, UK, a 19th century cotton mill town set against dramatic moorlands. The first paintings I got to know well were those of the often technically brilliant Victorian painters, works exhibited in the municipal galleries of the towns and cities of Northern England. As I studied further I absorbed the main ideas of the pivotal movements of the 20th century - Abstraction, Expressionism, Surrealism. Studying the History & Theory of Art at University I got a first in the module on British Romantic Art & Poetry.

16 in 1967, I passed right through the huge and amazing heart of the sixties and my work was influenced by Pop Art and the vivid use of colour in that era.

Having been through all this, I have developed my own unique vision and am trying to push my painting forward through the next century, towards the New Age. For 10 years now I have been living again in Cumbria where I can plug into mainstream inspiration. ALBION sleeps lighly here, where the earthforce is still strong amongst spiritual wide open spaces.

In the region that has inspired as many great artist and poets as any other on Earth, I feel connected.

The artist welcomes commissions and should be contacted for further information.

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3 Craw Park, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 1UZ