Cate Bowman - Woking, Surrey
Catherine Bowman was born in London, near Clapham Common. Her few passions are (Not necessarily in order): Art, London, BBC Radio 3, Bach, Rachmaninov, her children, & Jonathan.

Catherine always paints whilst listening to Radio 3, & would listen to it all the time if it wasn't for the fact that Jonathan prefers LBC 1152AM! With Jonathan, Catherine shows-off in a dance band called Outer Limits. She sings and wiggles a bit.

Catherine actually sings all the time - much to the amazement of the neighbours. (At the moment she is enjoying singing in a choir based in the City. Whether anyone else is enjoying it is debatable)

Catherine plays the piano badly.

Catherine likes to relax in the bath with candle-light.

She lives in Woking, Surrey (13 trains an hour to London Waterloo), and considers it her spiritual home. During the day she is an accountant - but we don't talk about that.

Maidstone College of Art - Painting and Sculpture
Open University - Art History, Theology & Music

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Tel: +44 (0)1483 768969