Magda Francot - Antwerp
Magda Francot (born in Antwerp on 30 July, 1942) is married to Architect Hug Francot, and lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. She primarily works in oils on canvas and panel and her work finds its roots in the great Flemish tradition.

Besides creating her portraiture and symbolic work, Magda also has her own art school where she teaches enthusiasts the art of drawing and painting, also in traditional techniques like tempera. The knowledge of this latter technique also enables her to restore old paintings to their former glory.

1957-'60 Institute for Decorative Arts in Antwerp
1960-'61 Academy of Fine Arts in Dendermonde, department Monumental Painting
1960-'62 Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp, department decoration
1962-'64 Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, department oil painting, with Prof. Gustaaf De Bruyne. Drawing with Prof. Marcel Mutsaerts

1964-'68 Textile applications and wall hangings
1968-'70 Series of assemblages commissioned by "Borg Fabrics"
1970-'71 Reliefs in textile and plaster
1971-'72 Single figures in painted plaster
1973-'82 Drawings, lithographs, en oil paintings
1982-'90 Trompe L'oeil wall paintings, oil paintings with tempera base, canvas glued on panel
1990-'99 Oil paintings, colour pencil drawings, pastel drawings

1968 Oostende and Ronquieres "Art in the Benelux countries"
1968 Goes "Creative Art skills in the Province of Antwerp"
1972 Eindhoven - Bijenkorf
1974 Mons, Federation du tourisme de la Provence du Hainaut
1976 Gallery "De Drie Dennen" - Herentals
1980 Graphics exhibitions "Sports in Arts" Frans Masereelcentrum
1980 "Schelde and Harbour" Galerie "De Witte Arend" in Antwerp
1981 Meise - Audiovisual centre
1982 Gallery SMAG in Vremde (Boechout)
1982 Gallery VTB in Antwerp
1982 Artscenter "De Gouden Pluim" in Gent
1982 Huis ter Beurse in Bruges
1983 Museum A. Blomme in Roeselare
1983 Gallery "Lazarus" in Rumst
1983 Gallery Gemeentekrediet in Antwerp
1986 Cultural Circle in Wezemaal
1987 Gallery "AWW" in Antwerp
1990 Art in the World of Justice - The Justice Building in Antwerp
1990 "Salon 90" Gallery "De Lelie" in Antwerp
1993 Gallery "De Griffioen" in Sint-Pauwels
1993 Huis van Nispen
1995 Gallery "De Griffioen" in Sint Pauwels
1995 Gallery "De Lelie" in Antwerp
1995 Gallery "Huyse Molensloot" in Antwerp
1995 Gallery "Axpoele" in Ruiselede
1996 Zaventem "Gemeentehuis"
1997 Gallery "Huyse Molensloot" in Antwerp
1997 "Open Ateliers", Artiestengang in Antwerp
1997 Gallery "Iris" in Werchter
1998 Gallery "De Pekhoeve" in Ulvenhout, Netherlands
1998 "Isard International Art School" in Antwerp
1998 "Biennale" in Saint Leonard de Noblat, France
1998 "Open Ateliers Noord" in Antwerp
1999 Gallery "Lijn 3" in The Hague, Netherlands
1999 Gallery "Campo & Campo" in Antwerp
1999 St.Leonard de Noblat - Limoges, France
1999 Carquefou - Brittany, France
1999 Gallery Palumbus - Antwerp, Belgium
1999 Gallery Axpoele - Ruiselede (Bruges) Belgium

1980 Laureat "Grand Prize Alfons Blomme" for the art of oil painting
1980 Honourable mention "Schelde en Haven"
1981 Honourable mention "Jules van Campenhout Prize"
1982 Selected for 4th Prize for Painting in Boechout
1982 Selected C.V.K.C Jozelf Storme Prize for Painting
1983 Selected for "Grand Prize Alfons Blomme"
1983 Selected for "Lazarus Prize"
1983 First Prize "Prize E. van Mieghem"
1995 First Prize Local Selection "Choose for Art"

The artist's work is to be found in private collections in Belgium, France, Germany and the USA.

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Tel: 0032 32 37 06 36
Fax: 0032 32 37 45 63