Kate Pinca
From an early age I was always drawing and painting. As a child I had a wonderful sense of artistic freedom.

At art college I witnessed students who, like myself, were battling with trying to find their so called own artistic style. Looking to solid subject matter for inspiration.

Gradually over the years I have stopped painting directly from the landscape, human form or still life. Instead my inspiration derives from the mere act of applying paint to a surface and the joy of watching an image appear. I am still inspired by land, sea or figure, but I prefer to let these images evolve through applying the paint, rather than making a conscious decision to create a land or seascape.

It is only after I have completed a painting that I will see exactly what the image is. Sometimes it may say very little. Other times it can say so much. I find this way of working incredibly exciting. I enjoy the lack of control that I have.

In painting I am trying to reclaim that wonderful innocence I possessed as a child - to paint in such a way that I just do the painting not judge the painting.

With this in mind I am able to paint with more freedom and more joy. Using the concept that essentially I am a channel - allowing the brush strokes and paint to express my emotions.

1972 Born in Leamington Spa
1989 - 1991 Studied National Diploma in Art and Design in c.c.t.a. College, Wales
1991 Received Distinction Diploma in painting
1992 - 1995 Studied Fine Art, Cardiff University
1995 Received Batchelor of Arts degree with honours
1995 'Macnas' Theatre, Galway - Designer / Painter
1996 - 1997 'Punchbag' Theatre, Galway - Set Designer
1998 'Macnas' Theatre - Designer / Painter
1999 Travelled to South America
2000 Painting from Studio in the heart of Ireland

1991 Henry Thomas Gallery Group Show Carmarthen, Wales
1991 Llantrisant Gallery Group Show Wales
1992 Heritage Coast Centre Group Show Mid Glamorgan, Wales
1994 The Gallery Group Show Cardiff University, Wales
1995 Llandaff Studios Group Show Cardiff, Wales
2000 Dean Crowe Arts Centre 2 Person Show Athlone, Ireland
2000 A.C.T Centre Solo Show Athlone, Ireland
2000 Athlone Little Theatre Solo Show Athlone, Ireland

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Tel: +353 (0) 903 63984
Mobile: 087 6753433