Philip Horrocks
I was educated at Manchester Polytechnic Specialising in wood and stone carving, and oil painting. Since 1986 I have worked as a Professional Artist, producing mainly 2D images.

My work is realistic bordering upon photo-realism, however the resolution of the image is not infinite rather the paint marks are obvious and important. The subject matter depicted by my work varies enormously ranging from land and cityscapes and portraiture. The reason for this is that the object to me is merely the “Maguffin” an excuse to demonstrate the complex colours used, and the variety and calligraphic virtuosity of the brush strokes however with portraiture my concerns go deeper here, my intention is to capture the whole individual to such an extent that the painting transcends being a mere image.

I work in a variety of mediums: - oils, Acrylics watercolour, pastels, pencil, ink and ball point pen.

Prices for drawings are from £250.00 and for oils from £450.00. Please contact the artist for further details.

2000 Sony retail division - Chinese style watercolour as a presentation piece
2000 Manchester Council - Drawing of a little girl to be reproduced as a limited edition and presented to foster parents as rewards for services (The Foster Oscars)
2000 Mr Whittaker - 4 paintings in oils on canvas of the Trafford Centre, these paintings depicted different aspects of the shopping centre. The work is currently being hung in the private suite of Mr Whittaker

21 Blackfriars Court, Saint Simons Street, Salford M37 ES

+44 (0)161 832 3828