Hanna Rojkowska
Hanna Rojowska attended College of Art * before moving on to Kracow's Academy of Fine Arts to study sculpture at the Sculpture Faculty. She creates painted figures from salt but her main creative activity is painting.

Subjects that interest her principally are people, cats, fairy stories and other tales.

She is fascinated by the world of theatre and opera and endeavours to express the mysterious mood of that world, extending even to trying to express such strange things as the fragrance of lipstick.

1986 PSP Gallery, Tarnow, Poland
1986 BWA Gallery, Myslenice, Poland
1987 Merino Gallery, Cracow, Poland
1990 "34" Gallery, Cracow, Poland
1995 The Gallery With The Little Hand, Cracow, Poland
1997 The Gallery With The Little Hand, Cracow, Poland
2001 Szalom Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2002 Japan