Lasisi Sikiru

Lasisis Sikiru is an origin of Ogidi Ijumu Local Government, Kogi State but was born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Since his childhood he has been exhibiting great creative instinct and passion for Art. In 1980 he began his elementary and proceeded to secondary education in 1987, which he completed in 1994. However, throughout his years in elementary and school he had been engaging in various drawings and colourings at every opportunity with the urge in developing his creative talent.

Unfortunately he could not produce with his formal education but his strong desire to enhance his artistic talent made him to consult his relative, Chief Z.O. Oloruntoba (a renowned Artist of international repute).

He accepted him, and he began training at studio King's Arts Theatre and Gallery belonging to Chief Z.O. Oloruntoba for 4 years, during where he was trained in aspects such as: pen, ink on canvas and paper, tapestry etc.

Upon completing his training at the studio, he felt the need to improve his arsenal of artist skills. Then he began developing his skills in watercolours, oil on canvas, pastels, charcoals, batik, acrylics which he has become master in.

From his words:

"Images that I conceive in my dreams has been a source of inspiration for my art pieces, especially those that are abstract in nature, but the main source of inspiration is the African culture. Due to the technically advanced world we live in, concepts stemming from Africa seem primitive to the foreign eye. That is why when producing works I make it priority to add 'Colours' so that the art works will be appealing even to an international audience".

He is presently an independent artist and so dedicated going into collaborations with other artists/organizations (local or foreign) on certain projects or long-term deals in order to enlighten on the African culture and express the African spirit that God has endowed in him. He is a member of the Nigerian Society of Art (NSA). His works are to be found hanging in homes and institutions in Nigeria and abroad. He also looks forward having exhibitions of his works.

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