Oana Lauric
Born in Romania, Oana Lauric shares her heart and time between three adoptive countries: France, where she studied art, architecture and found a fountain of inspiration, Italy where she rediscovered her roots and the United States, where her home is and where her art blooms.

A strong art student throughout her early scholastic years, after a Baccalaureate in Fine Arts she went on to graduate in 1996 from UP6 in Paris, with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture. Although she began her professional career in France as an architect, Oana continued to explore diverse facets of visual _expression, responding to a call that grew louder inside... In time, a body of work developed and matured. Her passion for fine arts prevailed.

She won her first International award at the “2 3 4 Dimensional” International Juried Art Competition in NE; selected from over 1500 paintings, her portrait “One and lonely” placed 4th. Since then, Oana Lauric continues to exceed the limits of her career as an artist, distinguishing her talent in national and international competitions, art shows, galleries and numerous private collections.

Oana Lauric now resides in the United States. Now more than ever, surrounded by the fresh, powerful beauty of Maine, encouraged by family and friends, she cultivates her art as a total way of living, personal and professional alike.

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