Raymond Farrington
Ray Farrington was born in Auburn, NY. He attended school in nearby Skaneateles. The history and beauty of this area had a deep affect on him. In early childhood, his family as well as his teachers discovered that he had a special talent in art......

After graduation from high school, Ray attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He soon realized that the only three courses he enjoyed were figure drawing, painting and art history; the other courses were geared more toward commercial art and that didnít appeal to him as a way to make a living. The next year he transferred to Syracuse University as a part- time student. The Vietnam conflict was intensifying and at that time Ray decided to.....

I believe that by embracing a realist or figurative approach to my art that Iím carrying on the great historical tradition of creating art to inform, narrate and express oneís own feelings and reactions in a specific cultural milieu. Art isnít created in a vacuum and often itís a reaction to sociological, political and cultural events that an artist lives through at any given time. The problem that contemporary artists face is all the history of the various art movements that one has at their disposal. With so many ďismsĒ at their disposal, todayís artists must question even more profoundly their own personal vision and the means to express it. Iím loath to subscribe to any specific art movement as I enjoy not only figurative art, but abstract as well......

Ray is available for any freelance artwork, mural and painting commissions, etc. and also offers art instruction for those who desire individual instruction. Any questions and inquires can be sent to him by email (email address further down this page).

B.F.A Studio Arts - Syracuse University
M.S in Art Education Ė Syracuse University

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